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Lost in a Book is out Jan 31!

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June 16-17, 2017
Mare di Libri Book Festival in Rimini, Italy

August 4
Hotchkiss Library in Sharon, CT

August 5
Clinton Community Library in Rhinebeck, NY

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January 10, 2016

The Raven King

I was fifteen when I saw David Bowie perform on Saturday Night Live and what I saw that night changed my life.

In one song, he was a pale, unsmiling man in eyeliner and an ugly skirt. In another, an out-of-control puppet telling me how great it was to be a boy. But not really. For a third, he was a scary man-doll who sold the world.

My first thought was, “That guy’s going to get his ass kicked.”

My second was, “Wait….people can do this?”

The performance rocked my little suburban world. It was disorienting. Unsettling. Thrilling.

Monday at school, I was right back doing what I always did – wearing my turtleneck with hearts on it, eating Twinkies, cheering for the home team – but not quite as wholeheartedly as before. Because the man in the ugly skirt was still there. At the edge of my consciousness. Singing. Laughing. Taunting. Beckoning. Daring me to look past the endless sunshine of morning in Ronald Reagan’s America to bolder, wider, darker horizons.

The man in the ugly skirt has been with me ever since, but today he’s gone. His magnificent voice has been stilled. And yet, in this awful silence, a single black feather drifts down. Like a gift from a raven-king. Like a talisman. A dare.

Keep on, it says to us.

Keep singing. Keep writing. Keep painting. Keep pushing. Keep risking.

Make Death work his balls off for you.

And when he finally shows up, look him in the eye, and sing him a song so he understands that there’s a hero in the room, and it’s not him.

September 10, 2015

Win A Signed, Advance Copy of THESE SHALLOW GRAVESRogue Wave Cover

I'm giving away three signed Advance Reader Copies of my upcoming historical novel, THESE SHALLOW GRAVES. Get a sneak peak before it comes out next month!

Here's what the press is saying about the book:

BOOKLIST: [STAR] "Donnelly has crafted a remarkable portrait of a girl struggling with the constraints of an overbearing society and looking for answers in the midst of deep grief. The writing is lovely and nuanced and the plot fast-paced and thrilling ... a smart, insightful, timely depiction of a young woman poised on the brink of a new world after the shattering of another, armed with the qualities and the companions to see her through."

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: [STAR] "Donnelly’s (Revolution) action-packed chapters propel this compelling mystery. Through Jo’s sheltered perspective, readers learn about class disparity right alongside her, and Donnelly is as adept at describing an opulent ball as she is a seedy neighborhood." 

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: "A beautifully written mystery that will appeal to a variety of readers."

Enter the giveaway here ...

February 5, 2014


Dear Readers,

Big news to share with you!

THESE SHALLOW GRAVES has a fabulous UK home! Hot Key Books will publish TSG in the UK and its territories this coming fall. I couldn’t be more excited to work with the Hot Key team.

Hot Key made this awesome video, which made my week!

And Booktrade did a piece on the announcement here:

I can’t wait to share THESE SHALLOW GRAVES with my UK readers, and I hope they love the characters every bit as much as I do!

Happy reading,

Jennifer Donnelly

December 28, 2014

Three New Books in the New Year

Dear Readers,

Whew! What a year!

It’s been all work and no play, but I’m SO excited to tell you that I have three books coming out in 2015!

Rogue Wave CoverROGUE WAVE, the second book in the Waterfire Saga, launches on January 6. In DEEP BLUE, worlds blew apart. ROGUE WAVE follows our mermaids as they figure out how to pick up the broken pieces – of their realms and their lives – and fit them together. It’s not easy. Or pretty. To triumph in their changed world, the mermaids need to change, too. As they hunt for their talismans, they find reserves of courage and cunning they didn’t know they had. They face down danger and death, only to endure a game-changing betrayal.  And one comes face-to-face with a seriously bad dude – but will she live to tell the others?!

That gets answered in DARK TIDE! I just finished the first draft a few days ago. I’m polishing it a bit, and then it goes to my editor. First drafts are such weird things. You feel great because the dragon has been slain – but then your editor gets hold of the manuscript and tells you, “Um, actually it’s not dead yet. In fact, it’s still burning down the village.” You get an editorial letter – aka a bucket of cold water over your head – which tells you everything that’s wrong. After you get done stamping your feet and throwing things, you get busy again. And again. And again. And bit by bit, as you cut and polish, the book gets better. Tighter. Harder. Brighter. I’ve gotten to know Astrid better in DARK TIDE, and Ling, too. It’ll be out in the Fall of ’15. I’ve had a sneak peek at the cover – and I can tell you, it’s gorgeous! Maybe the best one yet!

Also coming in Fall ’15 is THESE SHALLOW GRAVES. It’s a return to familiar ground for me in that it’s historical fiction, but it’s new, too – because it’s my first full-on mystery. Set in Gilded Age New York, it follows the story of an American aristocrat, Josephine Montfort. Jo lives a life of old-money ease. Not much is expected of her other than to look good and marry well. But when her father dies by an accidental gunshot, the gilding on Jo’s world starts to tarnish. With the help of a handsome and brash reporter, and a young medical student who moonlights in the city morgue, Jo uncovers the truth behind her father’s death and learns that if you’re going to bury the past, you’d better bury it deep.  I love, love, love the cover for TSG and can’t wait to share it with you!

Happy reading,

Jennifer Donnelly

June 12, 2014

Girls Got Game

Dear Reader,

You know what I love? What totally makes my day? Girls with game. Girls who won’t be stopped. Girls who grab the world by its tail and make it sit, stay, and fetch.

I met two girls like that in LA during my book tour. After my event with Bea Miller, two young women came up to me. They were toting a microphone and video camera. They introduced themselves as Kennia Cardenas and Zoe Johnson and asked if they could do an interview for their website,

They were totally gungho and so sweet, so I said sure. They set up their equipment and asked their questions. They were smart, funny, and professional, and I really enjoyed talking with them. When they finished, me being my nosy self, I started asking them questions.

Turns out they’re in college and journalism- minded. So they decided to be journalists. Like, now. Without asking anyone’s permission. Because they want to. They and their celeb secrets colleagues – most of whom are teenagers – just pick up their mikes and cameras, set off after their subjects, and ask for interviews. I think that’s incredibly awesome.

Mainly they’re after Young Hollywood. (Exactly where I fit into that category, I do not know.) Sometimes the celebs they’re after grant an interview, and sometimes Kennia and Zoe get shut right down by an A-lister’s handlers. But it doesn’t stop them. They shrug the rejections off with a smile and keep going. They recounted some of their fails for me with grace and good humor and I thought, Wow, you guys are totally going to make it in whatever you choose to do.  

So JLaw and Gaga and Biebs, if the girls from celebsecrets4u want to interview you, say yes. Because they’ll be so glad, and so will you -- especially in a couple of years, when Kennia and Zoe are calling the shots at Access Hollywood! 

(To check out celeb secrets’ full coverage of the Deep Blue launch event, go here:

With best wishes,
Jennifer Donnelly

May 23, 2014


Dear Reader,Deep Blue Cover

I finished my book tour last week and just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the awesome readers who came to hear about DEEP BLUE and to the wonderful bookstores who hosted me. One of the best things about touring is meeting people – living, breathing people, not the imaginary ones I hang out with all day! I met some young women who impressed me so much with their talent, drive, and spirit, I just have to talk them up. I’ll start with a very talented singer......

Bea Miller doesn’t sit still. 

I was in the courtesy suite before the DEEP BLUE event at the Barnes and Noble Americana. I was talking with my publicist when Bea bounced into the room. My first impression of her was one of light and motion – a blond solar flare. She has a wide, engaging grin and the boundless, happy energy of Tigger times ten. 

I hugged her and thanked her for her beautiful rendition of Open Your Eyes, a song inspired by DEEP BLUE, and for her hard work on the audiobook. We chatted for a bit, and then we both had things to do. An interview and vocal warm-ups for Bea, reading practice for me. Jennifer Donnelly and Bea Miller

At 7 pm, we were on. I went first, talking about the inspiration behind DEEP BLUE and reading a bit of the book. As I did, I could see Bea in the front row. Her foot was jiggling slightly. Nerves, I thought. And then I wondered: How can anyone, never mind a fifteen year old girl, stand up in front of a crowd and sing? 

The thought alone terrifies me. It takes a lot for me to just stand up and talk about my work. I get the deer-in-a-headlight thing sometimes, and suddenly I can’t remember my own name, never mind what I’m supposed to be talking about. 

I finished my reading and sat down. It was Bea’s turn. She was going to sing three songs, accompanied by only her guitarist. No band. No auto tuner. Nowhere to hide. 

She started with Open Your Eyes (see below). As I listened to the first few notes, I had my answer. People stand up and sing for the same reason they write. Or paint. Or act. Because they can’t not do it. 

Bea Miller was born to sing. To live inside songs and make them her own. She has a beautiful voice, for sure. But so do lots of people. What sets hers apart? Emotion. There’s an old soul inside that girl, and it makes itself heard when she sings. Her voice expresses such a huge range of feeling that it’s as if somehow, at the age of fifteen, she’s already packed a lot of living into her life. 

Bea Miller is the real deal – super-talented, genuine, smart, and dedicated. That combo can take a girl far and my fingers are crossed for her. 

Katy, Rihanna, Pink – putting you on notice, ladies. Better make room at the top.

With best wishes,
Jennifer Donnelly

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