Get a First-Edition A Northern Light

Look what I found! While digging out boxes of The Tea Rose, I discovered a few cases of another old friend – A Northern Light! I have only a few first-edition/first-printing U.S. hardcover copies, but I have put them up for sale in my online shop.

Like my first-edition Tea Rose offering, these Northern Lights are brand new and untouched since they were printed and bound in 2003 … and I’ll personally sign them and wrap them for you in a beautiful, gift-ready package (I’ll even inscribe them to you or your favorite reader — just let me know to whom in the “Order Notes” section of the order form.)

There’s a photo of me hugging the book below. I can’t tell you how special that felt — to hold this story that contains so much of who I was as a girl, as it first appeared when it was published nearly two decades ago. Like the Tea Rose, many of you found me through A Northern Light — and we have been together ever since. What a journey it has been! I’m so lucky and so thankful to have had you alongside me all this time.

Mattie Gokey would try to find a word for this feeling — a combination of gratitude, reminiscence and pride all wrapped into one. Priminitude? Gridescence? Not sure, but your love, support and enthusiasm have sustained me through good times and bad since I wrote ANL … and I can’t wait to share some new stories with you soon! ❤️🫶🤗

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