Introducing my new Tea Rose story!

To all of you who have asked, YES!! I have a new Tea Rose story!!

It’s called Molly’s Letter. It’s set within The Tea Rose, in the gap between parts two and three of that book — and features, among other familiar characters, Fiona and Nick as they build their life together in New York.  I have lots to share about the book — starting with the video below — so stay tuned!

Molly’s Letter is available for ebook pre-order right now on Amazon — and it will become available on other platforms and formats between now and the October 3, 2023 publication date.

Oh, and the dedication — it’s to YOU, my cherished Tea Rose fans. I don’t know how to thank you for your love and support (and patience) all these years — so I wrote Molly’s Letter for you. 💖🌹


  1. Loretta says:

    Thank you, Jennifer! I cannot wait to get a physical copy of the book as soon as it is released on October 3 so that I can revisit some old friends.

    I. Am. So. Excited!

    Will there be a book tour, too? 🤞

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