THE GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Thank you for entering! Congratulations Faith, Taylor, Angela, Gail and Jenny — our five winners! 

I am giving away five sneak preview editions of my upcoming book, Poisoned, published by Scholastic on October 20!

This special teaser edition is the first 36 pages of the story. It’s just a few chapters, but it will introduce you to Sophie, the main character of this Snow White retelling — and you might get a hint of whom the evil queen is talking to in that mirror on the wall.

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The contest runs until August 9, and you need to be 13 or over to enter – you can access the full rules from the form above.

So many of you have given me such wonderful comments and reviews on my last fairy tale retelling, Stepsister — and I’m so excited for you to read Poisoned. I hope this teaser gives you a little taste of what’s to come!

Good luck!


  1. Peggy Fiabane says:

    Your Rose series was completely responsible for me returning to reading and I thank you so much for that. I had a patient who recommended them to me and I was hooked. It has been delightful to read your comments and I marked so many “to reads” of yours that I fear I may not live long enough to read them all. Thank you so much for awakening me!

  2. Neela says:

    Hello! I have been hooked on your books since I was first introduced to the Waterfire saga. I have read them all multiple times. (in fact I am rereading them again!) I thoroughly enjoyed lost in a book and loved These shallow graves. I have yet to read the Tea rose books but I will!!!!
    I am an aspiring author and I finished Stepsister in one night. I practically fell in love! I don’t love Cinderella but your book made me see it from a whole new light! I hope poisoned gives me that different perspective as well. (I am also not a fan of Snow White.)
    My birthday is only two days after poisoned comes out and I am super, super, super, Super X infinity excited!!!!

  3. carol bonafide-cole says:

    I love your books and can’t wait to read Poisoned. I really enjoyed Stepsister. I’ve been following your books since I first read and thoroughly enjoyed the Tea Rose series. Will you ever revisit the series, as I would love to read another Tea Rose book. I’ve read the series twice as I believe you learn something new each time you read a favorite book or series.

  4. Michele says:

    Hi Jennifer! I am a Tea Rose trilogy super fan… I fell in love with your books and have read everything else since! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

  5. Teri Pearce says:

    Do you ever think about revisiting some of the characters in the Tea Rose? The Tea Rose trilogy is still one of my all time favorite series. Love those books. Thinking about reading them again. Enjoyed Northern Lights also.

  6. Teri Pearce says:

    The Tea Rose trilogy is still one of my all time favorite series. Love those books. Thinking about reading them again.

  7. pat Dougherty says:

    IYou are my favorite author I have loved Tea Rose and the following books. Turning my granddaughter onto some of your books

  8. Lindsay Hall says:

    A Northern Light is one of the cleverest books I have read in my life. I will forever see the last name Gokey, and shake my head. It’s Gauthier.

    Stepsister was breathtaking and tragic, and Revolution is quite possibly the most beautiful book I have ever read. “I have done this – made the sad prince laugh.” Transformative literature. Keep going!

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