Update, March 28: The giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winner, Amanda Futcher of Ontario, Canada!

One of the nice things about being an author is you get several extra books from the publisher when they go to print. The Rose Trilogy books below — The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose, and The Wild Rose — were given to me this way, and they have been sitting on my library shelf since the day they were released.

These volumes are pristine, and they are gorgeous — with heavy paper, delicate fonts, and lush, colorful covers. They are also BIG! These are not books to toss in your carry-on bag and haul through the airport (get the e-book or audio editions for that!). Rather, they are fat, luxurious, old-fashioned books that should be read by the fire, or in the bath, or under the covers on a lazy Sunday morning — with a big pot of tea, of course!

I have gotten such amazing feedback from Rose readers over the years that I wanted to share a full set of these beautiful first editions with you. I imagine these going to someone whose Roses have gone dog-eared from too many readings — but I’ll also be happy if they go to a new Rose reader; as long as they get read!

Please register for the giveaway below with your e-mail address or your Facebook account — and if you win, I’ll contact you for your shipping details (I’m afraid I can only ship to the U.S. and Canada, at this point – I’ll try to figure out how to do a global contest soon). I’d be happy to sign these books for you, too — just let me know when we correspond.

If you don’t already subscribe to my e-mail newsletter, you’ll be added to that list when you register for the giveaway — and I’ll send you updates on new books, events, and new projects (maybe one day a Tea Rose film deal!?) on a periodic basis.

Finally, if you’re a young person, the Rose books are not for kids — check out the Waterfire Saga books or Lost in a Book for that.  You need to be at least 18 years old to enter this giveaway.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for the Rose saga. The Tea Rose was the first novel I got published, and it took many years (and many tears) to get there. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that it’s still being read and appreciated now.

Good luck!

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  1. Beverly Sabad says:

    I’m so sad I missed your giveaway,I bought your first book The Tea Rose from your mother at a craft show at Clarkson Colllage it was autographed and I have purchased the other two. I have read them twice and enjoyed them every time. Unfortunately I loaned my first book the autographed copy to someone and never got it back I hope they took good care of it.

  2. Jessica Taylor says:

    I really thought I remembered an email about this novel series that it was going to be made into a movie maybe? Did I just dream that up out of wishful thinking?

    • Jennifer Donnelly says:

      You are correct — The Tea Rose has been optioned, which means it has a producer who is actively showing the story to studios and filmmakers. I’m not a part of that process, and I don’t have any news to share — but as soon as I do, I will!! (Thanks for the wishful thinking — please keep it up!!)

  3. Stephanie K Keiper says:

    Plus, my birthday is May 1st and I’ll be at Barnes & Noble THAT DAY to get Fatal Throne. This signed series of books would indeed make for a VERY happy birthday!

  4. Stephanie K Keiper says:

    I haven’t read these yet, although Revolution is my all-time favorite book. These are DEFINITELY on my to-read list and yes, I’m over 18 🙂

  5. Cristal Barnes says:

    My daughter loves your Waterfire Saga books – on her recommendation I would love the chance to win 3 hard-covers & start reading your “grown up” books. Thank you for giving my 11 year old a book she could not put down! =0)

  6. Jessica says:

    Hands down the best series I’ve ever read. I have the original Tea Rose book I read 10+ years ago and it’s traveled with me as I’ve moved all over the country. My best friend is letting me borrow the last two to read and I’d love love love all three for my own. And an extra Tea Rose to gift to my friend for letting me read her other two. ?? Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us.

  7. Kirstin Rhoads says:

    I recommend this series to everyone. The characters have stayed with me since reading their stories, and despite the fact that the trilogy was well over 1000 pages, my time with them was much too brief. I borrowed the novels from my local library and would love to have a set of my own.

  8. Charlotte Briant says:

    I remember DEVOURING the Tea Rose trilogy and having to wait not so patiently for the sequels to hit the market…now I am more than ready to re-read all three books. Thank you, Jennifer Donnelly, and Anglophiles beware: SO addictive!

  9. I just discovered the Rose trilogy after loving your young adult books. I finished The Tea Rose this morning and loved it–was so sad to part with the characters. Thankfully I had The Winter Rose on hand and am reading it now!

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