Now’s The Time

My family and I have an odd New Year’s tradition. We don’t make resolutions; instead, we come up with mottos that encapsulate hopes for the new year and attempt to set a course toward them.

They’re often revealing, inspiring, or touching; sometimes they’re completely absurd. In the hopes that you’ll share a motto, or a goal, or a resolution for 2021 with me, I’m sharing mine with you.

Here it is: Now’s the time.

Like many people, I tend to think I have control. Over time. Health. Life itself. But 2020 has shown me that I do not. So I’m stopping with the “someday” thinking. I’m not going to tell myself that I’ll call that old friend next week. Take a load of dog food to the SPCA next month. Get around to volunteering next year. What’s more, I’m using the good china. Burning the nice candles. Wearing the sparkly clothes. And as soon as I possibly can, I’ll be finding any excuse for a party – dinner, birthday, 4th of July, you name it. Because if I’ve learned anything during 2020, it’s that someday can so quickly turn to never.

Wishing you all health, happiness, hope, and a year of new beginnings…beginning now.


  1. Pamela S. Muchoney says:

    Hello Jennifer! I’m a novel collector, my shelves are lined with 500+ books, I’ve undoubtedly had TEA ROSE for years, didn’t get around to reading it til possibly a month ago. Within a month and half, not only did I finish that, but also WINTER ROSE!!! I don’t have words to describe how much I admire you as an author! I have never ever read anything so captivating, I could barely stand closing the book when I couldn’t hold my eyes open longer! I’m about to open WILD ROSE next!!! My oldest daughter (who is 30 and in school-still-studying to be a Nurse Practitioner) is a big reader too and is looking forward to this Rose Trilogy also, but I warned her she needs to wait til she’s got lots more time! Lol!!! Thank you, for writing the most incredible trilogy I’ve ever read! It’s literally the most enthralling stories I’ve had the pleasure of being pulled into!!!

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